The Journey Begins

It wasn’t until I took my seat and settled in for the first leg of our flight to Israel that the reality finally hit me…that in a few short hours I will be walking on the same dirt that Jesus walked on.

For most of my life I have been captivated by the Bible. This God-breathed collection of books that seem to be an endless adventure for those who will allow its to guide their lives. And now to have the opportunity to walk in the cities, stand on the mountains, and wade in the rivers where so much of the narrative of Scripture took place is absolutely mind blowing.

So many questions race through my mind as to what it will really be like. Will I be overwhelmed with emotion, let down because of expectation, or transformed by the experience. One thing I do know…I will do my best to enter in with open hands and a ready heart.

Excited to share the journey with those who might care to read.


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